It was a regular day that turned into a day this girl will never forget.

Lily Wilder, A four-year-old girl in Wales found a dinosaur footprint while on a trip to the supermarket with her father.

"The finest impression of a 215 million-year-old dinosaur print found in Britain in a decade".

Experts from Archaeology Cymru

When her father first saw it, he thought it was some sort of art project done by a local, but after reading that other dinosaur footprints had been discovered on coasts, he took a picture of it.

After posting the pic on social media, it went off, people from all over were asking about it,

“This fossilised dinosaur footprint from 220 million years ago is one of the best-preserved examples from anywhere in the UK and will really aid palaeontologists to get a better idea about how these early dinosaurs walked. Its acquisition by the museum is mainly thanks to Lily and her family who first spotted it."

National Museum of Wales Palaeontology curator Cindy Howells

The footprint is just over 10cm long. So It is believed that the dinosaur was about 2-2 1/2 feet tall but had a length of 8 feet. Which sounds absolutely terrifying.

Similar footprints have been discovered all over the world. So who knows, maybe you or your kid could discover the next one.

You can see pictures of Lily and her discovery, here. 

As of right now, the fossil is actually still in that spot, permission must be granted to excavate it from its location, but who knows what they'll discover.

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