It’s no secret that when Tim McGraw is on the road, he makes sure to keep up his workouts and eat well, but the artist says his regimen is not just about keeping his biceps camera-ready.

McGraw shares via his label, Big Machine, that the tour workouts are great team-building exercises with his band and crew.

“It’s a chance that we get that we might not get any other time of the day because everybody’s so busy and we’re running around that if we didn’t take that time to work out together and spend that quality time together,” he explains. McGraw works out 4-5 hours each day, with his team joining him along the way.

The star also says it’s an aspect of being the best he can be for his fans, but hanging out and talking with his group is the best part.

"You know we’re getting in shape and we’re trying to make ourselves better for the show because people pay a lot of money to want to come see us live and we want to give ’em the best show that we can, but it’s also for us it’s a good chance to talk about the show. As much as anything for us it’s a good chance to hang out together and sort of just talk our way through what we’re doing work wise," McGraw says.

The artist has been on his Shotgun Rider tour around the country, though it ends Sept. 19. He’s been taking the opportunity to record some unique, backstage covers while he has been out, including Luke Bryan’s “Do I."

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