Tim McGraw is “tired.” Sort of! The ‘Truck Yeah’ singer appears to be pretty meticulous about his body and his workout regimens. The singer shared another shirtless photo of his buff bod, this time mid-workout with a large tire as his equipment.

McGraw tweeted, “Pre-show workout! ‪#TRUCKYEAH‬” and added the image. He’s without a shirt, in exercise shorts, with a red bandana wrapped around his head while he pushes a giant tire. Look at the muscles of his back. They are tighter than a drum.

It’s an aerial image, so obviously someone else snapped (and possibly admired) McGraw while he was working up a sweat. He was too busy using his muscles to capture an image. But he still felt compelled to share it with his Twitter followers and we can’t say we blame him. It’s a lot of effort to sculpt one’s body so why not show off the results?

This is another shot should infinitely please the singer’s female fanbase, including his longtime wife, singer Faith Hill. For a 45-year-old man, he is in some damn enviable shape. The ladies have got to be “oohing” and “ahhing” over this photo off the buff Mr. McGraw.


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