I have yet to meet a Texan that doesn’t love Buc-ee's. If they say they don’t like it then they've probably never been there, or they're just trying to seem cool by going against the grain.

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While most of us have a casual love for Buc-ee's that usually just involves stopping by a store on a road trip to pick up some of their iconic snacks, others take their love to extreme levels. Some people visit as often as they can, buying up all the merchandise they have, and collecting every single seasonal shirt they release.

That seems to be the level of commitment TikToker @buceesshirts is at. (Warning: there are some naughty words in the video below.)

This TikToker proudly shows off her Buc-ee's shirt collection that takes up an entire closet and always updates followers when she adds a new shirt to the collection. Not only does she have a variety of classic designs, but also a bunch of Buc-ee's seasonal shirts. In one of her videos, you can see that she has at least two St. Patrick’s Day shirts, a few Christmas shirts, Valentine's shirts and more.

The collection doesn’t stop at T-shirts either. @buceesshirts also has a fair number of long sleeves, quarter-zips and other Buc-ee's apparel.


While it might seem like a problem to have so many shirts, I don’t think it’s that bad of a thing. If there's anything to be addicted to, t-shirts aren’t something that's going to hurt you or anyone around you, just your bank account.

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