Now that traveling has become an option again with the COVID-19 pandemic calming down, I've been looking into some trips I can take. I’ve been searching for somewhere my friend group could to all go together because we've been talking about taking a trip for a long time now.

When it comes to my friends, everyone has vastly different schedules. We have some people that work the usual 8-5 on the weekdays, but also some that work evenings and weekends. There are even a couple of them that are still students at Texas Tech and are taking summer classes or on summer break.

Taking all of this into consideration, I needed to find an option that would accommodate a larger group of people, not break the bank and be close to Lubbock. So I hopped onto Airbnb and started searching. I eventually came across some cabin rentals at Palo Duro Canyon. That's where I found the perfect place for a trip with friends, family or even just your significant other (if you have the budget).

It’s a newly-renovated home with six bedrooms and three bathrooms that sleeps nine people. It has a hot tub, a large back patio, a game room and is right on the rim of the canyon. It’s going for $841 a night and is definitely one of the more expensive cabins in the area. However, if you're bringing the full capacity of 9 people, it's not a bad price to split.

It seems like a great option for those with a larger group to be able to have a weekend getaway that is less than two hours from Lubbock. My favorite feature are the huge windows that overlook the Palo Duro Canyon. Check it out in the gallery below.

Palo Duro Canyon Airbnb Rental with Breathtaking Views

This is one of the homes at the Palo Duro Canyon that is available for rent on Airbnb. It's a six bed, 3 bath home that sleeps 9 and is right on the edge of the canyon.

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