Things are getting down to the wire on Season 15 of The Voice, with the Top 8 contestants competing for America's votes via both a solo performance and a duet with a fellow finalist. Two of the fan favorites in the country arena happen to be on competing teams—Kirk Jay, from Team Blake Shelton; and Chevel Shepherd, from Team Kelly Clarkson.

Of course, the show decided it would be a fine idea to put these two together, so they did just that with a mashup of Jason Aldean's "She's Country" and Brantley Gilbert's "Country Must Be Country Wide." Now, if this sounds heavily weighted towards the bro-country side of things, it definitely is. However, that doesn't necessarily mean a ding against (the obviously female) Shepherd—after all, we are talking about Jay here as well, who has won over the crowds largely with his sensitive side, shown off to fine effect on classic country ballads.

So, suffice to say neither one of these contestants is exactly the first thing one thinks of in regards to the Aldean or Gilbert zone. Surprisingly, though, both brought their A-game to the challenge. Realizing that this particular performance was going to require some muscle, both ripped up the stage with a ragin' cajun (OK, just plain rocking) approach that transcended gender or genre.

Who was better? Not easy to tell. We'll find out tomorrow, when half of the finalists will be sent home. Check back!

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