This wonderful lady makes her tips the old fashioned way, she earns them.

In this day in age, it's hard to find great service from the wait staff at many eating establishments in our area. In fact, in some, it seems that "service" is just a word they like to use.

I recently discovered that is not the case at Franco's Cafe, here in San Angelo. It was lunchtime and that's where I met Crystal Irby, a.k.a. "Mama." She greeted me with a big genuine smile and friendly attitude, and it made me feel right at home and glad I'd stopped in.

She was quick to bring out the "chips and salsa" to the table. Then happily, take my order and since it was my first time there, answered all my questions regarding specific menu items.

In the short time, it took for my food to arrive, I watched her as she waited on other tables and customers. I could tell, she was definitely experienced and quite good at her trade. Later, I learned she's a 17 year veteran of the food service industry.  What an amazing human.

TSM San Angelo
TSM San Angelo


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