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Texas is a big state, both geographically and in terms of big ideas, big innovators, and big dreams. From entertainment to communications, from food to infrastructure and beyond, Texas is a business leader whose products and services reach throughout the world.

Some brands are so deeply synonymous with Texas that everyone knows from whence they came. I'm looking at you, Dr Pepper and Blue Bell. And some of these brands may come as a surprise. Did you know many of your favorite anime are dubbed right here in the Lone Star State?

Some of these brands have been embroiled in controversy, and some maintain a squeaky clean image. Some have been here since the 19th century, and we have a newcomer on the list that happens to be a giant in the software industry.

Many of these companies struggled through financial downturns, changing consumer needs and even the COVID-19 pandemic, but all of them are still around, even if they don't look quite the same.

While we couldn't include every single Texas brand, we did compile a list of some of the most iconic, unique, powerful, and innovative Texas brands, from A to Z.

Texas Companies, From A to Z

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