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You may or may not have heard, but there is a sauce shortage at Chick-fi-A.

As you've likely heard by now, Chick-fil-A is limiting customers to one serving of sauce per order at its 2,600 U.S. stores due to a shortage of the dippable and dumpable sides like the chain's Polynesian, classic, zesty Buffalo and herb ranch sauces.

I do not know if this has affected you at the Chick-fil-A's places here in San Angelo yet, but Texas Senator Ted Cruz chimed in on Twitter about the shortage. Cruz posted a link to a Breitbart article and wrote "Joe Biden is destroying America."

Cruz's tweet has received over 16,000 likes so apparently a lot of people agree with the Republican senator's tweet. If you follow Senator Cruz on Twitter, you know he is very active and uses the forum to express his views.

The Breitbart article mentions that supply chain shortage has yet to affected Chick-fil-A's supply of chicken, although some other companies have seen a chicken shortage.

The article also mentions the gas shortages in parts of the country due to the recent ransom ware attack on the Colonial Pipeline, so it looks like Cruz is trying to tie those shortages and the Chick-fil-A sauce shortage back to President Biden.

So what do you think about the sauce shortage at Chick-fil-A? I don't really have a political opinion like Ted Cruz. In fact, I don't really go to Chick-fil-A personally because they always seem busy when I look at the lines at their drive-thru's. Like Yogi Berra once said, "nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded."

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