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Well, this isn't good news for many in Texas.

There have been many shortages this year. In 2021 so far, we have seen shortages of Chick-fil-A sauces, chicken, pickles, chlorine and computer chips, which has led to a shortage of cars and other goods. There was a brief shortage of gas on the East Coast. There's also been a shortage of lumber, ketchup, steel and metals.

Now, we can add Topo Chico to the list.

The very popular and refreshing drink is dealing with a shortage throughout the Lone Star State, the state where Topo Chico is most popular.

According to a report from KXAN, Topo Chico is dealing with a "tight stock of product due to extremely strong consumer demand." And because we've seen this before with other shortages, there is a "shortage of raw materials":

“We’re working hard and implementing contingency plans to keep the products people love on shelves during this temporary shortage,” said the sparkling mineral water company.

No word on if the Topo Chico Hard Seltzer is having any issues or if it's just on the mineral water side of things. One thing I do know is that this could strike fear into many fans of Topo Chico and, of course, the refreshing ranch water cocktail that's made with Topo Chico.

Hopefully our friends at Topo Chico will get it all worked out and supplies will pick up across the state. Apparently in the Austin area, some convenience stores have already seen a lack of availability.

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