Did you know Texas is home to some of the most used items in history? From delicious foods, to an item that I have a case of in my fridge.

So lets go back in time and see what Texans have provided throughout the years.

1967- The Handheld Calculator

Math was changed forever when Dean Toombs, Jack Kilby, Jim Van Tassel and Jerry Merryman created the handheld calculator. An item that every high school and college age student would use, and also be told "you'd never have one with you at all times". Now there's an app for that. But now you know why they're called "Texas Instruments".

1981: 3-D Printing

It was not the 3d Printer, but the process of 3D printing was invented by Carl Decker at the University of Texas. The process he invented was called selective laser sintering. Which I tried to understand but the words were big.

1976: Ballpark Nachos

One of the most iconic foods to eat at a sporting event, or the movies, even Lunchables has its own version. They were created at the Texas Rangers stadium by Frank Liberto. They were invented as an easier way to distribute the cheese. He discovered that you can dilute cheese sauce with water and jalapeño juice, you could then dispense that from a pump. The rest is delicious history.

1963: Mary Kay Cosmetics

You know that thing that your mom's friend from high school sells that sounds like a pyramid scheme? Well that is actually one of the largest cosmetics companies in the world, and originated in the Lonestar State.

1980: Whole Foods

Okay, this isn't an invention, at least I am pretty sure it's not. But, it is a very successful business so much that it definitely has merit. Created by John Mackey and Renee Lawson. This company now has over 400 locations in 3 countries

1932: Fritos

Originally made in Austin, this corn chip became a Texas mainstay before joining forces with Lays and pretty much becoming the go to chips.

1885: Dr. Pepper

The only soda with a PHD. Do not try to describe the taste of Dr. Pepper and its 23 flavors. No mortal can. It is the drink I have way too much of, and my 1st or 2nd favorite soda (it switches pretty much daily with root beer.)

1984: Dell Computers

A name you definitely know. Started at the University of Texas when Michael Dell sold dorm made computers. They're dorm made because it technically isn't a home....

1971: Frozen Margaritas

Mariano Martinez a restaurateur in Dallas MacGyver'd a frozen yogurt machine with margarita's and made the delicious alcoholic beverage.


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