You may have thought you've seen Taylor Swift's famous face in every imaginable way — on TV, in movies, on the cover of magazines, or maybe even in person — but you've probably never seen her like this before: As a gigantic Lego set!

Legoland Windsor Resort in England recently conducted a poll of its visitors to see which celebrity they’d most want as their best friend, and Swift came out on top, beating out stars like Ed Sheeran and U.K. celebrities Zoella and Ella Henderson.

This probably should have come as no surprise, since Swift's BFF status famously extends to each and every one of her fans. And that's a lot of friends, considering the country-gone-pop superstar has 58.1 million Twitter followers and her latest music video, "Bad Blood," has become the most-viewed video in VEVO history with over 85 million streams so far.

The impressively detailed Lego portrait is a mosaic of over 38,000 pieces and stands 12 feet 7 inches tall by 8 feet, 4 inches wide. It was constructed over the course of one weekend by Legoland staff with help from the park's guests in six sections — along with a gigantic instruction booklet, presumably.

Judging from personal experience, most of that time was probably spent searching for that one tiny piece needed to move on to the next part of construction, and at least 38 people cried out in agony after stepping on a wayward brick which lay hidden at their feet.

Swift's Lego likeness is certainly a masterpiece, but it's far from the only one of its kind. People get pretty crazy with their Legos, and other portraits have been created, including ones of the Mona Lisa and President Obama. There's even a company that will help you  create your own mosaic from any photo.

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