Louisiana was hit with heavy rain and record flooding over the weekend, which has resulted in thousands of people losing their homes. As a result, Taylor Swift has decided to donate $1 million to the relief effort in the state and encourages others to help, too.

"We began the 1989 World Tour in Louisiana, and the wonderful fans there made us feel completely at home. The fact that so many people in Louisiana have been forced out of their own homes this week is heartbreaking," Swift says in a statement. "I encourage those who can to help out and send your love and prayers their way during this devastating time."

The water has yet to recede in many towns, with the AP reporting that at least 40,000 houses have been damaged. Eleven people have been killed in the floods, and the governor of Louisiana has since declared a state of emergency. Those wishing to donate can do so via the Red Cross.

In June, Swift also assisted when tragedy struck an Orlando, Fla., night club, where 49 people were killed and at least 53 more were injured in a shooting. Shortly after, she shared a heartfelt message on Instagram for the families who lost their loved ones.

“As you bury your loved ones this week, please know that there are millions of us sending you love and our deepest sympathy in the face of this unthinkable and devastating tragedy,” Swift wrote in a hand-penned letter which listed the names of each victim.

Swift — who went pop in 2014 with her 1989 album — will not stick to her routine of releasing a new album every two years with a follow-up record this fall, according to Big Machine label head Scott Borchetta. She has one show scheduled for October in Texas.

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