Tanya Tucker is holding a warehouse sale through Saturday (June 13) — selling everything from stage outfits to furniture to home decor from her own home — in an effort to help others.

"We’re all struggling now," Tucker tells the Tennessean in a new interview. "Some more than others. I thought, 'Why shouldn’t I just do this thing and contribute?' Because I know so many people are having a hard time. It’s a perfect scenario to do it, to unload some of these things that are just weighing me down."

Money raised from the sale of the country icon's items will go to help those struggling financially during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, via Music Health Alliance and the Academy of Country Music Lifting Lives.

The sale is taking place at 2484 Park Plus Drive in Columbia, Tenn.

"It’s like going to a house of memories," the country hitmaker explains. "Some good, maybe some not so good. Every time I go in there, I had to prepare myself. I'd see really some great memories. Memories of stuff I wore and when I wore it ... just thrown on the floor."

Tucker won’t be in attendance at the sale, as she is currently in Texas to prepare for the 2020 Concert for Love and Acceptance, which is set to take place Tuesday, June 30, as an online event.

But she's eager to do her part, saying: "Mainly, I’m hoping that we raise a lot of money for these organizations."

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