Thanks to Our Military!
Do you have a family member who is actively deployed? We want to hear your story. From all of the nominations submitted on this website, we’ll select a family from right here in San Angelo to receive $500, just in time for the holidays...
Operation Christmas Cards Underway
Michaels, 4451 Sunset Drive, in San Angelo is accepting holiday cards for active-duty military personnel .  Cards must be hand-made and include a heartfelt, handwritten message.  Glitter should not be used.
Some Words to Ponder As We Celebrate Memorial Day
I ran across this the other day and it really made me stop and think how much we, as Americans, take for granted.  I didn't know the man responsible for these words but I did a little digging and I thought I'd share with you what I found.  I hope it makes you think a little too.
Taylor Swift Sends Flowers, Calls Fallen Marine’s Family
Taylor Swift has been getting so many requests from sick, hurt or just plain down-trodden fans these days that it’s hard to keep up. And while she can’t go to every high school prom or give every devoted fan an autograph, the ‘Safe and Sound’ hitmaker does what she can to give back to her superfans.…