Officials Claim NAFTA Benefited State
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Mexican and Texas officials say the deep red state benefited from the North American Free Trade Agreement more than anywhere in the U.S. and should be the pact's chief defender against a Trump administration wary of it.
Hundreds At State Capitol For Bathroom Bill Vote
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A North Carolina-style "bathroom bill" is nearing a first vote in Texas despite opposition from big-name companies including Facebook and the NFL warning that the Super Bowl won't return to Dallas or Houston.
Protest Burns Police Car
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — One person has been arrested in Austin for throwing lit fireworks into a city police car, setting it on fire, during a protest at an intersection where immigrants illegally in the country have been arrested in recent days.
Questions Surround Texas Union Dues Bill
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A bill barring voluntary payroll deductions of union dues from state employee paychecks is drawing questions as it begins a long, potentially contentious journey through the Texas Legislature.

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