Sundance Head performed an original song called "Darlin' Don't Go" during the season finale of The Voice, and released a stirring music video for the soulful country song.

The bearded country singer doesn't just resemble Chris Stapleton visually. His thick, emotional country vocals are reminiscent of the Grammy winner. This song is a love song that finds Head yearning for a girl to return to him.

"I know what they say is true / I could never live one day with you / Please come home / My heart is on the floor," he sings.

During his performance on Monday (Dec. 12) night Head admitted he wrote the song for his wife, before sharing a tearful memory about his brother with coach Blake Shelton, who understood where he was coming from. The self-proclaimed "founder of soul country" was on point during the song. A chorus of gospel singers helped him close the song, which came complete with a music video.

Head wrote this song by himself, for a wife that was preparing to leave him. She didn't leave him. In addition to an original each of the Season 11 The Voice contestants will singe a cover song and a duet with their coach on Monday. Billy Gilman, Josh Gallagher and We McDonald are the remaining three who, along with Head, will compete for votes. The new winner of the NBC reality show will be named on Tuesday.

Listen to Sundance Head, "Darlin' Don't Go"

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