Finally, a study on the important things in life.

Dogs are the greatest creatures on the planet.

The list goes

  1. Dogs
  2. Turtles
  3. Seals

1,274,845. Humans

The study was done by Canine Cottages where dogs were fitted with special heart rate monitors.

A dogs average heart rate is 67 bpm. But the study found that hearing I love you amplifies that by nearly 50%.

The study also found that cuddling is the best relaxer for dogs.

Now that you know your dogs love hearing about love, here are some things you need to know about how your dog says I love you, back.

  • Dogs only lean on people whom they feel comfortable with therefore, a dog curling up next to its owner, on their lap or at their feet, is a clear and evident sign of love.
  • A common sign is, when dogs are greeted, they'll likely wag their tail back and forth, jump, and wiggle back to those that they love.
  • They can also express affection by bringing a toy, signaling that they trust the person enough to play with them.
  • If a dog shows their belly, or sleeps on their back with their chest up, it's a sign of trust and love. They are making themselves
  • Finally, dogs might also show love when they're in pain. They will come up to some they trust and holding a paw up or lying next to someone with their head in their lap.

So if you have a dog, make sure you tell them you love them constantly.

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