The ban has been lifted for Hank Williams Jr. Could Natalie Maines and the Dixie Chicks the next blackballed country stars to be welcomed back into the country club?

It seems ... unlikely. But so did Bocephus returning to sing the Monday Night Football theme after comparing then-president Obama to Hitler. Maines just said she was ashamed that Bush was from the trio's home state, but many have not forgiven her, and those people seem unlikely to.

We'll save that argument for another day. These four other blackballed country singers were kicked out of the Grand Ole Opry, the CMAs and just country music in general. Controversy surrounds each, although there are a few different flavors. Chely Wright's banning was personal. Jerry Lee Lewis broke a cardinal rule. Johnny Cash? Well, he may have blackballed himself, depending on which story you believe.

How Well Do You Know Hank Williams Jr? Find Out!

Watch the video and then decide if you think Hank Williams Sr. should be re-inducted into the Opry. You see that Williams Jr. is not the only free-wheeling member of his family. In fact, there's also Hank III, Williams Jr.'s son, that bests both of 'em in terms of unobstructed moments of the mouth. Surely he's been banned from something, too?!

Willams Jr. will resume singing the Monday Night Football theme "Are You Ready for Some Football?" in September with two contemporary country stars that are still to be announced. It's unlikely Maines will be one of them.

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