It's the app maker's first time venture into electronics. These shades, called Spectacles, contain a small camera with the capability to record 10-second video clips.

Snapchat Chief Executive Evan Spiegel tells The Wall Street Journal Magazine " Spectacles are a toy, meant to be worn for fun at events like family barbecues or while on a hike."

The camera comes with a 115-degree-angle lens, designed to record a wider view than regular smartphones. The magazine also reported, "The videos that result are full-screen circular instead of rectangular, making them more like human vision."

Wearer's of the Spectacles, simply tap a button near the hinge to record clips, which download to the Snapchat app via Wi-Fi on Android devices and Bluetooth on Apple gadgets.

The new shades will set you back around $130, and according to Spiegel, the roll-out will be slow and limited.