Halloween is supposed to be an irreverent holiday. Many of us remember when Halloween costume selection was far less regulated by the court of public opinion.  In this day and age, social media weighs in on every facet of our daily lives. That is, IF we share on the Facebooks, Twitters, Instagrams, Pinterests and TikTok's of the world.

WIth that in mind, the Jeffrey Dahmer Miniseries on Netflix is now the second most watched miniseries in Netflix history. Franky, I found it painful to watch.  Yet, watch it I did, like so many millions of others.

Halloween costumes are often inspired by events in the news. With that in mind, many are turning to Jeffrey Dahmer for inspiration for Halloween. It's not like Jeffrey Dahmer hasn't been a part of popular culture for now 30 years. Whether it is in good taste or not, or even politically correct, there are many pieces of Jeffrey Dahmer memorabilia and tshirts for sale out there.  We found this one on Amazon, with just a simple google search

Photo: Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Not only does dressing up as Jeffrey Dahmer seem timely, it is so easy to do. There are tons of costume items inspired by Jeffrey Dahmer for sale online line this Halloween season. There's even a Jeffrey Dahmer blond wig. Jeffreu Dahmer style glasses and a shirt similar to the one worn by actor Evan Peters in the Netflix series are for sale.

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Some of these items are even being marketed to children. One social media post went super viral showing a Jeffrey Dahmer costume.

Here in Texas, as a whole, we generally smirk at those who are crippled by political correctness. We have always been a place where people feel free to be themselves. I have a feeling that wearing a Jeffrey Dahmer Halloween costume here in the Lone Star State is probably going to get you less ridicule than say in California or even Wisconsin where Dahmer's horrific crimes occurred.

Sure, Jeffrey Dahmer was a monster. Is he a bad Halloween costume idea because he was a real person, as opposed to some of the other more popular fictional monster Halloween costumes?

Ultimately, your choice of Halloween costume is your own. I feel like the fact that many are outraged by the whole idea of a Jeffrey Dahmer Halloween costume is precisely why so many people want to do it. Despite the controversy, experts are estimating that the Dahmer costume will be a very popular choice this Halloween.

So to answer the question, should a Texan dress up as Jeffrey Dahmer for Halloween?  If you do, I recommend you keep a Stetson hat nearby.  Then if your fellow Halloween guests are too offended, you can claim that you're actually dressed up as a badly dressed blond Texas cowboy.

As for me, I think I'll steer clear. I would much rather offend people by dressing up as a naughty nurse. Nothing says Trick and/or Treat better than an out-of-shape guy dressed up like a sexy nurse.

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