He isn’t exactly your mama’s preacher, but rocker Shooter Jennings sure knows how to lead a congregation of loyal followers!

In his new video for ‘The Real Me,’ the son of the legendary Waylon Jennings proclaims, “Once that whiskey hits my lips, it opens Pandora’s Box. I start lyin’, smokin’ and fightin’ gettin’ crazy as a white-tailed fox” to a rather demure crowd of church-goers. By the end of the slow-burning country rock tune, the congregation is on their feet, clearing converted in support of Jennings’ self-proclaimed outlaw lifestyle.

‘The Real Me’ is the second video from the singer-songwriter’s latest project, ‘Family Man,’ which finds Jennings inching closer to his country roots than previous projects. The self-produced project features the ‘Triple Crowns,’ which consists of Erik Deutsch on piano, Tony Leone on drums, Jeff Hill on bass, Jon Graboff on pedal steel, Eleanor Whitmore on fiddle and Chris Masterson on lead guitar.

Click here to learn more about the country rocker, but not before you watch his vid for ‘The Real Me.’

Watch ‘The Real Me’ by Shooter Jennings

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