Shania Twain collaborated with several producers for her first album in 15 years, Now (Sept. 29), but one rock legend was almost at the helm.

ABC News reports that Prince nearly produced the country icon's new album — Twain says he was the first person who reached out to her about the project.

“The very first producer that called me, who reached out to me before I’d even written the album — I was writing all the time but I hadn’t started writing for the album … I get a call from Prince,” Twain recently told reporters. “And Prince and I — we had a few conversations, we emailed each other. We exchanged [notes] on email for … months.”

The timing just never worked out, Twain says. When Prince reached out, she wasn't ready to get into the studio and didn't have the voice she needed to record, as she suffered from dysphonia, a vocal ailment that made it difficult to sing. When she finally was ready to team up with the Purple One, he was on tour, and they never got a chance to reconnect.

Prince died in April 2016, the result of an accidental overdose, and the country singer says not collaborating with him remains a major regret for her: “It’s like, if I ever had professional regret, that is definitely one of them."

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