Do you have the urge to wet a line? 

If you answered “yes” and don’t have a fishing license, you’re in luck. Every year, the first Saturday in June is designated as Free Fishing Day in Texas. 

Texans are allowed to fish at any public body of water without a license this Saturday, June 6. 

And if you already have a license, Free Fishing Day is the perfect opportunity to bring some friends or family members who don’t have a license along with you. There’s never a better time to introduce someone to the gratification of reeling one in. 

Craig Bonds, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department inland fisheries director had this to say in a statement at 

Free Fishing Day is a wonderful opportunity for anglers to share their knowledge, skills, equipment, and love for fishing with a new participant, yet it’s also more than that. We hope those trying fishing on this special day will also learn that purchasing a license is an act of conservation. A fishing license purchase is one of the simplest and most effective way people can support fisheries science and management.

Remember, even though no license is required, bag and size limits still apply.  

Learn more on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s official website.

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