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On Thursday, the U.S. Census Bureau released population data for its 2020 survey and the numbers for the San Angelo metro area saw an increase. For the first time, the population total pushed over the 120,000 mark.

The total population for the metropolitan statistical area which includes Tom Green and Irion counties now stands at 122,888. The new number is an increase of over 10,000 from 111,823 in the 2010 census. The San Angelo MSA was estimated at 118,182 back in 2014. The 2020 number represents an increase of over 4,700 over the estimate from 6 years prior.

Other West Texas MSA population numbers are as follows.

  • Abilene - 176,579
  • Lubbock - 321,368
  • Midland - 175,220
  • Odessa - 165,171

Here are some other notable MSA population figures from across the state.

  • Amarillo - 268,691
  • Austin/Round Rock - 2,283,371
  • College Station/Bryan - 268,248
  • Corpus Christi - 421,933
  • Dallas/Fort Worth - 7,637,387
  • El Paso - 868,859
  • Houston/The Woodlands - 7,122,240
  • Killeen/Temple - 475,367
  • Longview - 286,184
  • San Antonio/New Braunfels - 2,558,143
  • Texarkana - 147,519
  • Tyler - 233,479
  • Waco - 277,547
  • Wichita Falls - 148,128

The overall population of the state of Texas now stands at 29,145,505. A jump of roughly 4 million from the 2010 census figure of 25,145,561. Texas remains the 2nd most populous state behind California's population of 39,538,223. Florida is 3rd at 21,538,187.

The census report isn't the only news that San Angelo is growing. Last week, it was announced that an interstate through San Angelo is one step closer to happening.  Although the construction of what would be I-14 is expected to take decades.

So, what is your reaction to the new census population figures and the growth of San Angelo and around the state of Texas? Give us your thoughts and opinions. Tell us what you think on Facebook or chat with us on our station app.

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