It's the time of year when companies are planning their employee Christmas Parties and Townsquare Media San Angelo is no exception. Something you think would be pretty simple to plan actually takes a lot of decision making!

For instance, you need a good date that is convenient for everyone. After some discussion, we decided on the day. Some want to have it at night so their wives, husbands, girlfriends, etc. can attend. Others say it needs to be during the day because there is nobody to take care of the kids while at an evening party. Finally an agreement is reached and it's on to the next phase!

Where should we have the party? We have had our Christmas parties at a number of different restaurants and venues over the years. We have held the celebration at some very loud restaurants where, even sitting at the same table, you could only converse with staff members sitting very close to you. We have rented venues and set up tables and chairs as well as staff members bringing various dishes, among other settings.

 You also have to decide on the restaurant or venue, usually based on the food options available. That opens the floodgates for numerous ideas: Mexican food, Bar-B-Que, Steaks, Seafood, Italian and on and on. Oh and a big question...Do they serve alcohol? Finally after much discussion...a decision was made in that department as well.

What about exchanging White Elephant gifts. Everyone agreed...Absolutely!! The cap on spending for a gift was also quickly settled, which nobody ever sticks to!

After considerable discussion, we are finally set, I hope....with all of the plans for our employee Christmas Party and I am looking forward to it next week!

I would love to hear how you plan your company Christmas Party. Please share with us, especially if you have found an easier way to do it!!

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