Sam Hunt debuted a brand-new song during a concert in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on Thursday night (Sept. 19). The ballad is called "Sinning With You."

Hunt brought "Sinning With You" out near the very end of his Bud Light House Party show (flip to about the 53-minute mark in the video above to watch him perform it). According to ASCAP, Hunt co-wrote the song with Paul DiGiovanni, Josh Osborne and Emily Weisband.

"I never felt like I was sinnin' with you / Always felt like I could talk to God in the morning / Always knew that I would end up with you / Always felt like I could talk to God in the morning," Hunt sings in the song's chorus. "If it's so wrong, why did it feel so right? / If it's so wrong, why'd it never feel like sinnin' with you?"

Hunt's sophomore album is a hotly anticipated project, especially because it's been nearly five years since he released his critically acclaimed debut, Montevallo. That project features four No. 1 singles (and one No. 2 single), which were following by his record-breaking 2017 megahit "Body Like a Back Road."

In 2018, Hunt released another new single, "Downtown's Dead," which made it to No. 15 on the country radio charts. In April, he shared that he would be headed into the studio in July and August: “The songs are showing up. I would like to have two or three more between now and July," he said at the time, "but for the most part, the record’s there. It's just a matter of recording it."

After getting married in 2017, Hunt has been making both his loved ones and himself more of a priority lately, "I wanted to re-center myself a little bit," he told The Boot in June, "because I felt like I was just -- it was sensory overload for, like, three or four years." That re-focusing has made him, Hunt feels, "a better husband, better brother, a better friend, a better family member in general."

"I'm starting to feel a lot more like I did before I got into all this," he added, "and that's been helpful for me."

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