Oh Sam Hunt ... Behave! The singer's new single "Body Like a Back Road" is itself like a back road — pretty simple and pretty dirty.

This is country music so "Body Like a Back Road" still falls squarely under a PG rating, but Hunt's second verse paints a picture hot enough to make the sunflowers wilt. Of course how he delivers is essential — Hunt's nonchalance as he sings about a woman's thick curves leaves you smiling, and a little jealous if you're amongst the millions of men that struggled with smooth pick up lines at some point.

The song has swagger but doesn't have the heavy production so many tracks on his Montevallo album had. While still pop-friendly "Body Like a Back Road" is more organic, with the guitar cadence and steady drum beat mimicking the sound of four wheels on the asphalt. It's his most relaxed single — a very lighthearted comeback after a dramatic start to his career.

Did You Know?: Hunt is a headliner at the Taste of Country Music Festival in Hunter, N.Y. June 9-11.

Listen to Sam Hunt, "Body Like a Back Road" 

Sam Hunt Talks About His New Song, "Body Like a Back Road"

Sam Hunt, "Body Like a Back Road" Lyrics:

Got a girl from the Southside / Got braids in her hair / First time I seen her walk by / ‘Bout fell up out my chair / Had to get her number / Took me like 6 weeks / Now me and her go way back / Like Cadillac seats.

Body like a back road / Could drive it with my eyes closed / I know every curve like the back of my hand / Doin' 15 in a 30 / I ain't in no hurry / I'ma take it slow just as fast as I can.

The way she fit in them blue jeans / She don't need no belt / But I can turn 'em inside out / I don't need no help / Got hips like honey / So thick and so sweet / Ain't no curves like hers / On them downtown streets.

We're out here in the boondocks / With the breeze and the birds / Tangled up in the tall grass / With my lips on hers / On a highway to Heaven / Headed south of her smile / Get there when we get there / Every inch is a mile.

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