The members of Runaway June have with many talents. Sweet harmonies and the ability to write a meaningful love song are among them, but this trio of friends can also golf, dirty dance and recite The Big Lebowski.

Tommy Boy and Dumb and Dumber are two other movies Jennifer Wayne, Naomi Cooke and Hannah Mulholland can quote front to back. They even have their own secret language called gibberish, which when they speak in it, sounds about right. During their Taste of Country RISERS interview the trio got sidetracked often in the most entertaining ways.

"I will say the kryptonite for Naomi is don't ask her what time we have to be somewhere," Wayne says.

"She'll give you a very specific wrong time," Mulholland adds.

"I'm 50 percent wrong, 50 percent right," Cooke says, quasi defending herself.

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Wayne goes on to talk about what member of the group is the fiercest on stage, and who is secretly hilarious. But Cooke and Mulholland agree that the blonde member of Runaway June can pretty much win over any crowd with kindness.

Runaway June have spent the last year encouraging women to find a man that ruins your lipstick and your not your mascara, and in the process have received powerful messages and tribute videos from fans. Opening for stars like Willie Nelson and Garth Brooks have been career highlights for a group of newcomers with a bright future.

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