Soul-influenced Texas country artist Robbie Walden has a new album coming in mid-February, but he's giving The Boot's readers an advance listen to one of its tracks. Press play below to hear "Dark Days."

A thumping drum beat guides the twangy "Dark Days." "Bring on the dark days, baby / Bring on them dark nights, too," Walden sings in the song's chorus. "I ain't afraid of the devil / And I sure ain't afraid of losin' you." Ouch.

""Dark Days” is about the ending of a rocky relationship while living bitterly with your pain, kicking them to the curb in a spiteful manner, over the broken heart you blame them for," Walden tells The Boot. "It’s a gritty and in-your-face, fast-tempo [song] with an outlaw delivery that’s so catchy it gets your toe tapping."

"Dark Days" is one of 14 songs on When the Rooster Crows, Walden's forthcoming new album, the third full-length record from the Robbie Walden Band. The five-piece group recorded the project at Pacific Studios in Tacoma, Wash.; its songs take their inspiration from, among other things, Walden's life growing up in Alaska, and then Washington, and his time in the military.

In addition to Walden, who contributes vocals and baritone guitar, the members of the Robbie Walden band are Gabe Burdett (drummer and background vocalist), John Coker (lead guitarist and backing vocalist), Dan Tyack (pedal steel player) and Blake Flemming (bassist). When the Rooster Crows is due out on Feb. 15; visit to pre-order and to see Walden's upcoming tour stops.

Listen to Robbie Walden, "Dark Days":

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