Today's reason to smile is a showcase of one man helping those who need help when he could've helped himself.

Every industry was hit hard during the COVID pandemic, and one industry more than others may have taken a bigger hit.

The restaurant industry was essentially dismantled last year and is still struggling.

Many restaurants have been unfortunately barely able to stay afloat during these times despite most offering take out and delivery options.

Well one restaurant in Wisconsin is doing all they can to support not just themselves, but their competition as well.

Adolfo Melendez, owner of Tex-Mex restaurant El Mezcal in Stevens Point, has bought more than $2,000 in gift cards to restaurants in his community to raffle off to his customers.

All this was taken out of the marketing budget for his own restaurant.

The idea came to Melendez after earlier this year a realtor company bought $300 in gift cards for his business after his restaurant got 2nd place in their online poll.

This right here is something that needs to be done consistently. Competition should not exist when we are going through something like this.

We need to come together at a time like this when we are all struggling to get by.

We should be following his example and supporting our neighbors right now.

This pandemic may be showing signs of slowing down, especially with the re opening of Texas, but nothing is guaranteed.

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