Catfish is one brave guy! The Sweetwater Jaycees bring 3 rattlesnakes for a visit to the Morning Show!

When we hear rattling, most of us start running! The Sweetwater Jaycees don't run, they're looking to collect as many rattlesnakes as they can!


It's time for this snake to rattle for our listeners!
The Rattlesnake Roundup begins on Thursday, March 10th with the Rattlesnake Review Parade at 4:30 and the Miss Snake Charmer Scholarship Pageant at 7pm.

Sweetwater Jaycees 2

Take a look at these bad boys; the snake and the handler!
The Roundup continues on Friday, March 11th with Snake Tours, Guided Snake Hunts, Snake Handling Shows, and Fried Rattlesnake meat available from Noon-4. The Friday Night Dance features the Hogg Maulies and John Baumann. Tickets are $10.00 per person, no cooler charge, but no glass containers, please.

Sweetwater Jaycees 4

This is as close as we're gonna get for this picture of the business end of this rattler!
Saturday features more snake weigh ins, Rattlesnake eating contest at 2pm, snake handling shows, and a big brisket and chili cookoff (no rattlesnake meat in the chili!).
Saturday night's dance features Bri Bagwell and Jason Boland & The Stragglers! Tickets are $15.00 per person, $25.00 per couple. Cooler charges are $5.00 for small coolers and $10.00 for large coolers and no glass containers please.

All the fun concludes on Sunday with Snake Weigh ins, Snake Tours, rattlesnake eating contest and more. Proceeds from the Rattlesnake Roundup benefit many charities and organizations in Sweetwater!

Thanks to the Sweetwater Jaycees for making our morning very exciting with rattlesnakes in the control room!

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