Randy Houser has been battling COVID-19, but he's hopefully on the tail end of it. At least he's had his whole family with him while quarantining, though.

Houser revealed his diagnosis with the novel coronavirus on Tuesday night (Dec. 15), after Instagram Story posts by both the singer and his wife, Tatiana, mentioned that Houser currently can't smell anything: specifically, the steak he was smoking.

"Can't smell that!! Damn. Can taste a little though," Houser wrote on an Instagram Story showing his smoker. A post from his wife explains that despite the fact that Houser reeks of smoke, he can't smell it at all.

After fans began commenting that a lack of smell is a sign of COVID-19, Tatiana posted additional Instagram Stories, which Houser re-posted, explaining that, yes, he had, indeed, "been shaking off the ole 'rona."

"We're all feeling much better and fingers crossed that we're almost through it," Tatiana writes on her video, which explains that Wednesday (Dec. 16) marks day 10 of Houser's diagnosis and day six for her and their son, Huck. They're hoping for a negative test for Houser.

"Big thank you to everyone who was concerned. We're all feeling much better today and ready to get back to normal soon," she adds.

Houser is one of nearly two dozen country artists who have publicly shared their COVID-19 diagnoses since March, when the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a global pandemic.

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