RaeLynn is still in the honeymoon phase after marrying Josh Davis in early 2016. She's at her happiest, but admits that she was a little nervous to get married, as she was a child of divorce — an emotional topic she sings about on her current radio single, "Love Triangle."

"Anybody that I've ever talked to that comes as a child of divorce like me, there's a part of you that's scared, but there's also a part of you that knows that you don't ever want to repeat those mistakes," RaeLynn tells Taste of Country backstage before the 2016 CMA Awards.

"I will never ever put my kid through that, and I never want to go through that, because I saw how much it hurt my mom and how much it hurt my dad," she adds.

Viewing marriage as an unbreakable lifelong pact, the 22-year-old singer is unwavering in her devotion to the relationship. "I look at marriage in a totally different way. I feel like our germination kind of looks at it as a disposable thing, but it's not, it's a commitment," she reveals. "When I made that commitment, I made it for life and I'm gonna stick to it."

RaeLynn is a smitten newlywed, admitting that her husband is her best friend.

"He is just so funny," The Voice singer says of Davis. "The more I get to know him the funnier he gets," adding that he's the tidy one of the household who keeps them on top of the cleaning. "I need that in my life."

RaeLynn's new album Wildhorse, which features "Love Triangle," hits shelves on Dec. 2. She was recently an opening act for her The Voice coach Blake Shelton during the fall leg of his 2016 tour.

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