The country singer behind "Tailgate" may be used to hearing her songs come on the radio these days, but that doesn't mean she's forgotten the excitement of her very first time having that experience. Read on to learn the story of RaeLynn's first time hearing herself on country radio, and why she opted not to film her reaction to it. 

The first time I heard "God Made Girls" on the radio, I was in Chattanooga, [Tenn.] -- well, I had heard it before that, but I think the first real time is when you're driving and you don't know it's coming on the radio. Because I'd heard it on the radio, but I knew it was coming on.

I was driving, and I was on a road trip to Georgia, and I heard it come on in Chattanooga, and I literally almost lost my s--t. It was me and my friend in the car, and we were headed to go on a little girls' trip. I was like, "Oh my gosh!" It was just such a cool feeling.

I didn't video it; I didn't do anything, I just took it all in. I was like, "This moment is for me." It was awesome.

And it still never gets old. I mean, [recently], I was driving back from bus call, and we had just gotten back from the bus at, like, 8AM, and I'm in the car, headed back to my house, and "Tailgate" came on ... It just never gets old. It's such a blessing to be able to do what we get to do, so that part -- the feeling of "Oh my God, I'm on the radio" -- that never gets old.

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