In 2018, Rachel Reinert cemented her position as a solo artist with the singles "Dark Star" and "Cool." The new music came after her 2016 break from the band Gloriana, and then a subsequent break from the industry. During that time, the singer told The Boot in 2018, she focused on honing her sound, doing a deep dive into what makes up her brand of country music.

With her new releases, the results of that soul-searching spotlight Reinert's California-inflected pop influences and country heart. Now, the singer is sharing her next new single, "All We Have," which is premiering exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play above to listen.

In the song's lyrics, Reinert rids herself of material possessions, instead choosing to focus on who she is as a person: "So I sold everything I had owned / From the clothes to the big blue home / It was just stuff keeping me stuck in rewind," she sings.

For Reinert, the song's lyrics are more than metaphor. As she recalled to The Boot in 2018, Reinert's transition from her career with Gloriana to her work as a solo artist brought challenges, including having to give up a house.

"Being in the band had afforded me my first home, at 24 years old ... I really thought, in my mind, that after I left the band, I was gonna turn around and all these amazing opportunities were gonna come my way. It did not work like that at all ... It was a lot of harsh realities, and a lot of people who I thought were gonna help me out, who suddenly disappeared and could not be reached anymore," Reinert shares. "I had to become strong in those moments. I had to sell my house. I had to really just get underneath these things that I thought made me who I was, and leave those things behind."

Looking back, Reinert sees that none of those things were her identity; in fact, stripping them away allowed her to get more closely in touch with the important things. This realization inspired the new song.

"["All We Have" is] all about coming to terms with the fact that status and wealth and possessions don't make you who you are. At the end of the day, when you strip everything away, all you really have left is yourself," she says of the new song. "So ultimately, what truly matters in life is what kind of a person you are, how you make others feel, and taking all the love in your heart and giving it to others without expecting anything in return."

Reinert co-wrote her newest track with Davis Naish and Melissa Fuller.

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