Christmas time is essentially here now. Even though Thanksgiving is technically first, most people are in the Christmas mood.

I personally love Christmas music, I will listen to it year round. But this is the part where we must really think about what the good songs are, and what the bad ones are.

So taking a page from the big man in red, I have come up with my naughty and nice list for Christmas songs.

Disclaimer: I may like the song, but an artists interpretation may just be bad.

Rascal Flatts- Mary Did You Know

Rascal Flatts have been a staple in country music for nearly 20 years, and this is actually one of the few songs where all 3 guys sing on it. Fusing their three distinct vocals with one of the best written Christmas songs ever, seems like a no brainer.

Rascal Flatts singing Mary Did You know officially declared: NICE.

Shirley Temple-I'm gettin' nuttin' for Christmas

Something about this song just bothers me. I know it's a staple in the Christmas music catalog, but I never liked it. Even the adorable Shirley Temple couldn't make me like this song.

I'm gettin' nuttin' for Christmas officially declared: NAUGHTY

Bobby Helms-Jingle Bell Rock

While the song may not rock as hard as more modern versions of the classic, this version personifies cool for the time period. At least, as cool as Christmas can get.

Jingle Bell Rock officially declared: NICE

Bing Crosby: White Christmas

Yes, the epitome of Christmas songs, best selling single of all time: NAUGHTY.

I've lived through a white Christmas. Two of them in fact with -10 degrees and snowing outside. I'll tell you right now, they suck. I also grew up in San Diego California where Christmas was sunny and 75. That was way better!

Newsong- The Christmas Shoes

This is the only song on my list that is somehow on both. This song you need to be prepared for. You can't just randomly hear it, because it's a punch in the gut. When you hear it because you play it, it's fantastic. But when it's unexpected, it is the worst song in the history of life.

Nice list:

I'll be home for Christmas

Santa Claus is coming to town (because scaring children into behaving is amazing)

Silent night

The Christmas Song

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

Leroy the Redneck Reindeer

Christmas, Baby Please come home

Naughty List:

Santa Baby

Joy to the World

Little Drummer Boy

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth

I saw mommy kissin' Santa Claus

Hark the herald angels sing

Of course these lists are not very full, these are just the songs that immediately came to mind.

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