You may have heard us mention Cirque Italia a few times over the past few weeks, well opening night finally happened and I was able to attend.

So I walked into a giant white and blue tent yesterday not sure what to expect. Inside my favorite smell filled the air, popcorn. I immediately went and purchased myself a bucket for the show.

I walked into paranormal cirque with uncertainty because I had no idea what I was going to witness.

But man am I happy I went!

I laughed, I was in awe, I probably got into it a little too much.

There was a pirate archer that was able to ricochet arrows around the arena, a mermaid literally able to hold herself up by giant curtains.

It was thoroughly an enjoyable experience. And your kids are going to love it.

I will not say too much about the show because I really want you to experience it yourself.

But I was very pleased with my decision to check it out. And I think you will too, especially if you have young ones.

Now I need you to remember, there are rules to follow.

Wear your mask, no flash photography, obviously do not interfere with the performance.

Also, do not forget to bring cash with you.

The concession stand is cash only, and while you can get cash from them, you will need to pay extra to get it.

$10= $2 charge

$20= $3 charge

and so on.

Cirque Italia is going on all weekend long at the Sunset Mall, get all the details at

5 Stars

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