Patty Griffin is set to release her 10th studio album this spring. Ahead of the self-titled work, Griffin has shared a new song called "River;" press play above to hear the track.

"River" and the rest of Griffin's new album are the first taste of new music from the singer-songwriter since she went on a break to focus on a battle with cancer. Rolling Stone first shared the story of the moving song, which likens the strength of women to that of a powerful river.

"Isn't she a river / She doesn’t need a diamond to shine / You can't really have her / But you can hold her for a time," Griffin sings. "Takes an army just to bend her / Be careful where you stand her / You can't hold her back for long / The river is just too strong / She’s a river." 

Griffin explained to People, “It’s one of the last songs I wrote for this record. We recorded it over about a year’s time. I had been spending a lot of time with this song that Leon Russell wrote and Donnie Hathaway recorded in the '70s called "A Song for You." I actually covered that song at a show, and I thought it would be great to have my own — which is kind of a high order. There’s something about that particular song that made me feel like it’s an aerial view of a moment in life. The emotion of that song inspired me.”

Patty Griffin will be released on March 8; a full track listing can be seen below. "River" is available for purchase now.

Patty Griffin, Patty Griffin Track Listing:

  1. “Mama’s Worried”
  2. “River”
  3. “Where I Come From”
  4. “Hourglass”
  5. “Had a Good Reason”
  6. “Bluebeard”
  7. “What Now”
  8. “Luminous Places”
  9. “Coins”
  10. “Boys From Tralee”
  11. “The Wheel”
  12. “What I Remember”
  13. “Just the Same”

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