A months ago, Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight popped up out of nowhere on Netflix in a brand-new “extended cut.” The exact extensions were left sort of vague, but Tarantino had in fact turned his film into a miniseries for Netflix, cutting the feature into multiple parts and inserting some new material. And now there are rumors surfacing that Tarantino’s latest movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, is due for the same treatment.

In an interview with The Mutuals (via The Playlist), Nicholas Hammond — who plays real-life TV director Sam Wanamaker in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood — discusses the possibility that the film could be expanded:

There is talk about there being a 4-hour Netflix version, as well, because there were a lot of scenes he shot that couldn’t make it into the film because there just simply wasn’t room,” the actor revealed ... “The promise is that like his other film, The Hateful Eight, they’ve just done a 4-hour Netflix version. And I think they’re talking about doing the same. There are some actors like Tim Roth, wonderful actors, who never even made it into the film. I mean, they’re entire roles got cut. Like five actors who are really, really first class actors.

The Hateful Eight was very episodic, with multiple chapters throughout. I’m not sure that Hollywood, which is fairly linear (at least by Quentin Tarantino’s standards), would work quite as well in a TV version. Still, I loved the world of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood so much, I would be excited by any opportunity to spend a little more time in it.

You can listen to Hammond’s entire interview about working with Tarantino, making The Sound of Music, and playing TV’s first live-action Spider-Man below.

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