Rising country artist Olivia Lane has announced the release of a self-titled EP. The project is due out on July 29.

The Olivia Lane EP is being released through Big Spark Music Group and features seven tracks, including Lane's current single, "Make My Own Sunshine." The singer helped write six of the disc's tracks, including "Lightning" and "Quarter Life Crisis;" Ilya Toshinsky, Jim Beavers, David Fraiser and more served as co-writers, and Toshinsky produced the EP. A full track listing can be seen below.

“Over the last year and a half, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some incredible songwriters on these seven songs, and I’m very proud of them,” Lane shares in a press release. “Each song is near and dear to my heart and represents exactly who I am right now in my life.”

Lane’s mother is a regional Texas singer, and she often played country music during Lane's childhood; however, it took Lane until college to decide that country music was where she belonged.

“I was just a general music lover, and I didn’t really think about where I fit until college,” Lane recalls. She took screenwriting and acting classes, but once she took songwriting, “it all clicked.”

“I’m a story person …,” Lane adds. “I just love stories about people, and that’s what country music’s foundation is on … [but] I definitely have a pop sensibility about me."

In August, Lane released Heart Unlocked, a 14-track, completely acoustic -- and completely free -- project, which includes "Make My Own Sunshine." She has also previously released two EPs, Love Thing and Steal Me Away; all of her music is available on iTunes.

Olivia Lane, Olivia Lane EP Track Listing:

1. “Lightning”
2. “Quarter Life Crisis”
3. “Make My Own Sunshine”
4. “She Fits”
5. “My Heartache”
6. “There's a Guy”
7. “Keychain”

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