Brady Snakovsky is a 10 year old boy that you need to know about. According to CBS he was watching tv with his family when he saw that the police dogs were not nearly as protected as the officers.

That observation caused this boy to help, so they developed Brady's K9 Fund. A non profit that provides Police K-9 with bullet proof vests.

He started out hoping to buy 4 vests for the local station but since then, he has amassed over $300,000 providing over 250 vests for police dogs in the United States and Canada.

The mission of Brady's K9 Fund is:

We believe K9 police officers deserve the same protection as human police officers. We are making it a priority to vest as many K9 officers as we can to send them home at the end of their shift.

If you would like to donate to this mission, click here

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