We made it! Happy weekend! A couple of nights ago on the show, the Band Perry shared with us a few of the embarrassing songs they have on their iPods. Somehow I mentioned I love Sylvia's 'Nobody,' and our phone lines and text blew up!

I promised that if we got 1,000 new text followers I'd sing the song on the air karaoke style! Now, I did not think we would get 1,000 people -- so imagine my shock when it only took three minutes! Ha! The joke's on me this time.

I have attached the audio below for a little laugh just for you. Don't forget to comment, and don't judge me -- I really don't want to lose our friendship over this!

P.S. Thanks for a successful first week of my daily blogs, which you can read right here every afternoon!

Listen to Me Singing Sylvia's 'Nobody' on Taste of Country Nights

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