Typically, around 100,000 miles is when most people will start looking for a new vehicle. Well Brian Murphy of Chicago took that to the nth degree.

In 2007 he got himself a new Nissan Frontier truck to support his job as a courier knowing he'd spend quite a lot of time of the roads.

On average he was driving that truck 77,000 miles a year, and took exceptional care of the vehicle, allowing it to eventually reach the million mile milestone.

Now when Nissan heard one of their trucks hit this goal, they knew it was a special moment.

They reached out to Brian and said they'd take in his 2007 Frontier and give him a FREE brand new 2020 model.

He was even able to deliver it to the dealership he originally purchased it, 13 years ago.

I’ll miss this truck, no doubt, but I’m glad it’s going back ‘home’ to Smyrna, at the same time, I’m ready for my next chapter, and I can’t wait to experience my new Frontier and its all-new powertrain.”

Brian said in response to getting his new vehicle.

See the full press release, here.

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