Call it old-school, or better yet, pre-school. Crawling is the latest fitness trend.We've all seen how babies learn to get around. Turns out that all that, squatting, sitting up, standing, stretching, and crawling is great exercise for adults as well. Who knew?

The new workout is known as "Pressing Reset." Co-founders of "Original Strength," Tim Anderson and Geoff Neupert, tell Cosmopolitan magazine, "motoring around as you did when you were a tyke, presses reset on your body and can undo years of aches and pains."

Trainers and other experts seem to agree, it's not child's play. Moving your body around this way can be a turned into a great grown up workout. The idea is evidently starting to catch on, as more "Pressing Reset" workshops are being held nation-wide.

I haven't heard of any springing up here in the Concho Valley, if you have, please let us know.

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