Find everything you need to know about your favorite freshwater fish in the new Texas Fishing Guide section of Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine’s mobile app.

courtesy Texas Parks & Wildlife
courtesy Texas Parks & Wildlife

The app, available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play, makes it easy for anglers to explore their favorite species.

“We‘ve compiled expert information to make the Texas Fishing Guide a useful resource for all freshwater anglers,” says the magazine’s publisher Randy Brudnicki. “The app makes it easy for people to take the guide with them on their smart phone or tablet—even if there’s no Internet connection at their secret honey hole.”

The Texas Fishing Guide includes species descriptions, locations and angling tips. Each species is illustrated with high-quality renderings to make identification easy.

Texas Fishing Guide includes:

  • 20 of the most common freshwater fish species
  • Biological descriptions
  • Popular locations to catch this fish
  • How-to-catch angling tips
  • High-quality color illustrations

“Mobile devices are in everyone’s hands, so we want to present information in the easiest to use, most convenient way,” says the magazine’s art director Nathan Adams. “The Texas Fishing Guide puts Texas-specific information in your hands when you need it.”

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