We've grown accustomed to Myle Price's big plays on the field during his two seasons on campus at Texas Tech. I have high hopes he's going to explode in production under Zach Kittley's tutelage in 2022. If Price is the go-to playmaker, which I think he'll be, we'll see a whole lot more of this type of play this season.

Also, way more of this.

How about some of this where he looks like Tyreek Hill catching up to a Patrick Mahomes deep shot.

So yeah, we've seen Myles Price's electricity on the field in bursts. We've also only seen small glimpses of Price off the field. But the interviews and press conferences he was a part of always drew a smile at the very least. Here he is describing how he knew that the field goal was good from Jonathan Garibay last year against Iowa State.

This offseason has really allowed Price to flourish in front of a camera as well. He was a huge part of the Red Raiders Spring Football Show called, "The Brand" and was featured in several episodes.

He was also tabbed to call season ticket holders to let them know the team is thankful for their support. He was hilarious.

That's why it didn't really surprise me when Price took this opportunity at Big 12 media day. Sidenote: I don't know if singing is in Price's future, but football and comedy might be.

Price also had a few really funny lines when describing Joey McGuire since he'd been on the cover of Dave Campbell's Magazine. The delivery of, "His head always been big..." cracked me up. He continued, "It's always been physically big, but now inside the head, it's a lot more big." Excellent stuff.

If Price is ever in a buddy cop movie, I think he could play the wacky one, while Dadrion Taylor-Demerson played the straight-man to Price's antics.

Just look at the chemistry here, and they've already got the pose down for the poster.

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