If you think country music is all about giant belt buckles, permanently affixed cowboy hats and cheesy lyrics about your wife leaving you for your dog, then you may be watching too much television. Sometimes, Hollywood's idea of what it means to be a country star is deeply misleading, leaning wholly on stereotypes that are (at most) only partially true.

From the diva attitudes in Country Strong to the campy ridiculousness of Rhinestone Cowboy, the movies and TV shows in this photo gallery offer very unrealistic depictions of what country music is; these offerings are painful attempts at recreating what the country music scene is all about. It’s not all bad, though: Even if Nashville Star was mostly a showcase for big-haired, low-talent contestants, it was still responsible for launching Chris Young into the spotlight (and also featured Miranda Lambert and Kacey Musgraves!).

Cringe (and laugh) along by flipping through the gallery below!

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