Morgan Wallen seems to be in good spirits right now, and for good reason.

The rising star's new, fan-fueled release of his addictive song "7 Summers" debuted atop Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart last week, becoming only the fifth song to start at the summit in the history of the chart since its inception in 1958, and the first to do so since 2017.

So yes, now seems as good as time as any for Wallen to bring a big request to his team: How about not one, but two albums in one?

“I just called my label and told em I wanna make a double album,” Wallen says via Twitter on Monday (Aug. 31). He signed with Big Loud Records in 2016.

"Double checking y’all are good with that?" he asks, further revving up his fans.

He already knew the answer, but of course Wallen's fans let him know enthusiastically that they're up for the idea of double the new music.

"Is that even a question you need to ask us," one follower replies. "Of course we're good with that!!!"

"You’ll give us hope for the remainder of this toxic year so plz yes," another says, referring to what an unusual year — and unfortunate, given the coronavirus pandemic — 2020 has been.

In talking to ET earlier this summer, Wallen revealed that he's been working on a new project, the follow-up to 2018's If I Know Me album, but the pandemic has slowed the train. "Honestly, if it wasn’t for all this going on, I would have already had it turned in and ready to go," the "Chasin' You" hitmaker says of his second album.

"We're getting there. I still don’t have any dates," he adds, confirming that an album — or perhaps a double album — will come "within the next six months," COVID be damned.

It was a busy summer for Wallen, who also welcomed his first child, a baby boy named Indigo Wilder, and released another hot new song, "More Than My Hometown." If I Know Me — his debut record — produced hits in "Whiskey Glasses" and "Up Down."

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