Morgan Wallen says that now that he's a father, he's trying to be more responsible. The "Whiskey Glasses" singer opened up about his baby boy for the first time in a recent interview, and added that his new album with be more mature.

Indigo Wilder was born on July 10 to Wallen and his ex-fiancee Katie Smith. The birth was a surprise to fans, as Wallen hadn't revealed that he was expecting. Since then he's shared a few pictures and moments on social media, but has mostly kept quiet about his son. Talking to ET, Wallen says his goal is to follow the example his father set growing up.

"There was always a lot of sacrifices made for me and my sisters just to make sure we were happy. He always gave me a great example of how to treat my mom," Wallen says.

The 27-year-old "Chasin' You" singer shared that he was on his way to work on his next studio album after the interview was over. The album is the follow-up to If I Know Me, released in 2018 — an album that is regularly near the top of the country albums charts. After work, he was going to to see his baby.

"I go see him as much as I can," Wallen shares, "But he's good. He's healthy."

Now that he is a father, Wallen recognizes that his decisions affect more than just himself. The baby's birth wasn't the first surprising news from his personal life this year — in late May, he was arrested at Kid Rock's downtown Nashville bar and restaurant for public intoxication, charges that ultimately were dropped when prosecutors chose not to, or were unable to, prosecute.

In talking to ET, Wallen seemed to recognize that he may need to behave better in the future.

“I think I’m always going to be a little bit of a wildcard," he says, smiling. "I realize that every decision I make now just don't affect me, but affects him too. I try to be a little more responsible."

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